Westwood Lakes Wednesday Open Match – 22nd June 2016 on Swallow Lake

Wednesday 22nd June 2016 Westwood Lakes Open Match on Swallow Lake with 14 anglers.

14 anglers took part on Wednesday 22nd June at Swallow Lake at Westwood Lakes.  Generally using maggot and pellet, the winner was Ernie Heseltine (WWL) on peg 4 with 71lbs 10oz.  2nd was Bomber (WWL) on peg 25 with 60lbs 4oz.  3rd was Martin Kirk (WWL) on peg 14 with 50lb 4oz and 4th was Pat North (WWL) at peg 11 with 44lbs 4oz.

  1. Ernie Heseltine (WWL) – peg 4 – 71lbs 10oz
  2. Bomber (WWL) – peg 25 – 60lbs 4oz
  3. Martin Kirk (WWL) – peg 15 – 50lbs 4oz
  4. Pat North (WWL) – peg 11 – 44lbs 4oz