Tuesday Open Match at Westwood Lakes on Skylark Lake 21st June 2016

Tuesday 21st June’s Open Match was held on Skylark Lake and there were 19 anglers taking part.

The anglers braved the wet weather and using pellet and maggots brought in respectable numbers.  First was Mick Stamp (Preston / Sonubaits) at peg 28 and took 159lbs.  2nd came in young Adam Swain (Dynamite Baits) at peg 35 and had 147lbs 10oz.  3rd was Janusz (WWL) on peg 30 and having 143lbs 14oz.  4th place went to Steve Lane (WWL) on peg 17 with 135lbs 8oz.

  1. Mick Stamp (Preston / Sonubaits) – peg 28 – 159lbs
  2. Adam Swain (Dynamite Baits) – peg 34 – 147lb 10oz
  3. Janusz (WWL) – peg 30 – 143lbs 14oz
  4. Steve Lane (WWL) – peg 17 – 135lbs 8oz