Fishing Rules and Restrictions

Fishing Rules and Restrictions for Guests and Day Tickets

Anyone caught not following these rules will be barred from the fishery. For Match Rules, please see the Match Rules & Conduct page under Match Info.

From 1st June 2020 the Day Ticket Prices will be as below.  All Match Fees will be charged at £8.00 per peg.

Day tickets- £8.00 per day/ Guest Tickets £8.00 per day

Weekly Guest Tickets will be £35.00

(Please note Guest Tickets are for pleasure fishing only. Matches are £8.00 per peg)

Pleasure anglers may use their own landing nets but they must be dipped before use.

General Fishing Rules

  • Manufactured Barbless hooks only – max hook size standard size 12 or equivalent (regular checks are made- anyone caught using incorrect hooks will be banned from fishery)
  • Lifting and dropping allowed but no suspending of bait other than by a float. SLAPPING/NO TAPPING! No Jigger floats.
  • No surface fishing, floating baits and a float must be used at all times!
  • Free running leads and feeders only (Method feeders – inline and flatbed only) – no elasticated feeders of any type.
  • 4″ minimum hook length for feeder or ledger.
  • No Floating pole method – line between pole tip to top of float – minimum of 6″ and maximum of 1 metre.
  • Minimum 6″ of line between bottom of float and hook.
  • When fishing within 1 metre of bankside vegetation no line limit applies.
  • You cannot feed with a pole whilst fishing a rod.
  • Pleasure anglers must dip all landing nets before fishing.

Bait Rules

  • No Dog Meat/Cat Meat/Luncheon Meat
  • Ground bait Allowed- 2 Kilo limit
  • Fishery Purchased Feed Pellets Only.
  • Paste, hook/banded/expanda pellets & boilies are allowed for HOOK BAIT ONLY.
  • All feed baits to be used in moderation.
  • All ground bait to be fed in cup or feeder no THROWING!!
  • NO BAIT to enter the water after the fishing – please take it home or use the bin provided.

Net Rules

  • No keep net to be used for pleasure fishing (Matches Only)
  • All nets to be dipped in dipping tank provided
  • Movement of fish between lakes is not permitted
  • Landing nets should be suitable size and carp friendly and all fish must be returned to the lake in the landing net not thrown in.

General Rules

  • Do not park on grass, use car parking spaces provided
  • Bait and tackle that is visible on an anglers peg will be deemed as in use.
  • Please remove all litter from pegs including discarded line (we advise you cut it into small pieces).
  • Ensure careful handling of fish at all times. DO NOT STAND HOLDING FISH, OR WALK AROUND WITH FISH IN LANDING NETS.
  • Vehicles & equipment are left at their owner’s risk.

First Aid is available at the main reception. If you need first aid please call (01205 724162) within office hours. For out of hours first aid requirements please ring 01205 724212.

The owners and bailiffs reserve the right to refuse entry or ask an angler to leave due to any violation of the land, lakes or rules. They also reserve the right to change a venue at short notice due to any unforeseen circumstances.

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