Osprey Lake

Osprey lake is a 25 peg strip lake ideal for club matches. It is 13 meters across and 250 meters long. There is a shallow 2ft deep shelf either side and down the track is 3.5 – 5ft. Osprey lake is heavily stocked with F1 Carp, Mirrors and common Carp between 1lb and 3lb, and a few Tench as well.

All our lakes are carefully maintained to provide the perfect environment for fish. The banks of the lakes are landscaped with embankments and reeds. We keep the environment clean and well maintained but as close to a natural habitat as possible. The lakes are aerated by the paddle steamer type aerators and water levels and quality are monitored closely.

We have chosen to allow many types of bait to be used on osprey: pellet, maggot, paste, sweetcorn, worm, caster and prawns and many more.