Open Match Sunday 12/12/2021 – Kingfisher Lake

Open Match 12/12/2021 – Kingfisher

With the mild weather over the weekend, Kingfisher offered up another brilliant match for all the anglers. Top rod on the day was Danny Pettigrew (Westwood Lakes) from in form peg 17! Danny has used method feeder and pole tactics to land big carp and F1s for a brilliant weight of 125lb 9oz. Taking the runner up spot was Martyn Kirk (Westwood Lakes) from peg 6 who once again used feeder tactics to finish with a weight of 109lb 6oz! Finally, completing the frame from peg 5 was Steve Pell (Westwood Lakes) who caught Carp, F1’s and Silverfish for a weight of 91lb 13oz!


1. Danny Pettigrew (Westwood Lakes) – 125lb 9oz – peg 17

2. Martyn Kirk (Westwood Lakes) – 109lb 6oz – peg 6

3. Steve Pell (Westwood Lakes) – 91lb 13oz – peg 5


Sec 1 – Danny Pettigrew – 125lb 9oz

Sec 2 – Colin Mitchell – 35lb 6oz

Sec 3 – Andy Williams – 74lb 10oz

Sec 4 – George Knight – 39lb 10oz