Swallow Lake

Swallow Lake is the newest and most versatile lake on the complex with 30 pegs. The lake was dug in early 2014.   It has an average width of 20 metres, which makes this lake ideal for fishing the feeder, pellet waggler and pole. Depths vary from 5 to 7 feet down the middle of the lake. While the margins have 2 metre wide shelves with an average depth of 2 feet, both on the inside margins and across to the island bank. The lake is stocked with Carp between 3lb and 14lb, Bream and Tench to 6lb, and Roach to 2lb plus. There is a large shoal of Skimmers present that average 1lb each. It is suited to the more traditional baits such as Maggot, Caster and Worm for the silverfish and the Carp will readily take pellet and boilies.