Westwood Lakes Over 50’s Open Match – 16th June 2016

The Over 50’s Open Match on Skylark Lake at Westwood Lakes – 16th June 2016 (31 anglers)

31 anglers braved the rain to fish at Skylark Lake and were rewarded with some pretty nice weights whilst using mainly pellet.

First was Ron Cuthbert (WWL) from peg 6 with a highly respectable 154lbs 4oz.  2nd place went to Janusz (WWL) at peg 47 taking 120lb 8oz.  3rd was John Park (WWL) at peg 15 with 101lbs 12oz and 4th place was Dave Robinson (WWL) located at peg 17 pulling in 101lbs 4oz.

  1. Ron Cuthbert (WWL) – peg 6 – 154lbs 4oz
  2. Janusz (WWL) – peg 47 – 120lb 8oz
  3. John Park (WWL) – peg 15 – 101lbs 12oz
  4. Dave Robinson (WWL) – peg17 – 101lbs 4oz