Westwood Lakes Open Match on Skylark Lake – 15th June 2016

The Skylark Open Match on 15th June 2016 – 29 anglers

There was a nice turnout for this damp open match yet some good weights still came out.  Generally using a mix of pellets and maggots, the first place went to Danny Wolnestone (WWL) on peg 11 and taking 139lb 14oz.  2nd was Steve Reid (RAF Garbolino) at peg 22 with 125lb 2oz.  3rd was Janusz (WWL) on peg 17 with 108lb 14oz.  4th was taken by G Crane (WWL) on peg 8 with 86lb 8oz.  5th was Roy Taylor (WWL) on peg 31 with 86lb 4oz.

  1. Danny Wolnestone (WWL) peg 11 – 139lb 14oz
  2. Steve Reid (RAF Garbolino) peg 22 – 125lb 2oz
  3. Janusz (WWL) peg 17 – 108lb 14oz
  4. G Crane (WWL) peg 8 – 86lb 8oz
  5. Roy Taylor (WWL) peg 31 – 86lb 4oz