Final Round of the Westwood Lakes Teams of Three

This was the 6th and last day of the 2016 Westwood Lakes Teams of Three.  Taking part on Skylark and Swallow lakes, the teams were kept busy.

The team winners on the day were Norfolks Finest with 6pts.  Second was the Trent Men with 11pts and third was Muppets on Tour with 12pts.

Individual winner on the day was Richard Bond (Norfolks Finest) on peg 17 at Skylark bringing in 173lb 7lbs.  2nd was Janusz (Maver Madness) from peg 13 on Skylark with 168lb 4lb.  3rd was Mark Cree (Muppets on Tour) using peg 1 on Skylark to catch 160lbs.  4th place went to Danny Higgins (Matrix Trent Men) at peg 10 on Skylark with 133lb 13oz.

Teams on the Day Results

  1. Norfolk’s Finest 6pts
  2. Trent Men 11pts
  3. Muppets on Tour 12pts
  4. JVAC 18pts

Individual Results

  1. Richard Bond (Norfolks Finest) – peg 17 on Skylark – 173lb 7oz
  2. Janusz (Maver Madness) – peg 13 on Skylark – 168lb 4oz
  3. Mark Cree (Muppets on Tour) – peg 1 on Skylark – 160lbs
  4. Danny Higgins (Matrix Trent Men) – peg 10 on Skylark – 133lb 13oz
  5. Dougie Jackson (Muppets on Tour) – peg 40 on Skylark – 133lb 10oz