Westwood Lakes Over 50’s Open Match 23rd June on Skylark Lake

The over 50’s Open Match took place on Skylark Lake at Westwood Lakes and there were 38 anglers.

On and off rain with humid conditions and overcast most the day.  Fishing with maggot and approx 5m, the winner of the day was Keith Sanders (WWL) at peg 29 with a weight of 107lbs 12oz.  2nd was Ty Brian (WWL) at peg 23 with 104lbs.  3rd was Janusz (WWL) at peg 2 bringing in 94lbs 10oz.  4th was Ken Clark (WWL) at peg 10 with 94lbs 8oz.  5th place was Roy Taylor (WWL) at peg 26 with 92lb 8oz.

  1. Keith Sanders (WWL) – peg 29 – 107lbs 12oz
  2. Ty Brian (WWL) – peg 23 – 104lbs
  3. Janusz (WWL) – peg 2 – 94lbs 10oz
  4. Ken Clark (WWL) – peg 10 – 94lbs 8oz
  5. Roy Taylor (WWL) – peg 26 – 92lb 8oz