Westwood Lakes Open Match – Swallow Lake 26th June 2016

The Westwood Lakes Sunday Open Match – 26th June 2016 on Swallow Lake with 16 Anglers

The sun was out most of the time for the open match on Swallow Lake and more than respectable weights were brought in and the golden peg had a winner!  In general, most were using the time honoured maggot and pellets and first place and the golden peg went to Mick Stamp (Preston / Sonubaits) on peg 4 with 82lbs 8oz.  2nd place was Andy Beasley (Garbolino / RAF) at peg 6 with 65lbs 8oz and third was Steve Lane (WWL / Marukyu) located on peg 16 and taking 50lbs 8oz

  1. Mick Stamp (Preston / Sonubaits) – peg 4 (the golden peg!) – 82lbs 8oz
  2. Andy Beasley (Garbolino / RAF) – peg 6 – 65lbs 8oz
  3. Steve Lane (WWL / Marukyu) – peg 16 – 50lbs 8oz