Westwood Lakes Open Match 28th June 2916 on Skylark Lake

27 anglers took part in the Westwood Lakes Open Match on 28th June 2016 on Skylark lake and the majority was using pellet and maggot.

First place went to Spike Milligan (Lincs County) on peg 29 weighing in 163lb 14oz.  2nd was Matthew Parkin (Kamasan Starlets) on peg 35 and took 152lb 4oz.  3rd place went to Janusz (Westwood Lakes) at peg 15 with 145lb 6oz and 4th was Greg Cooper (Trentmen) on peg 11 with 138lbs 2oz.

Spike Milligan (Lincs County) – peg 29 – 163lb 14oz

Matthew Parkin (Kamasan Starlets) – peg 35 – 152lb 4oz

Janusz (Westwood Lakes) – peg 15 – 145lb 6oz

Greg Cooper (Trentmen) – peg 11 – 138lb 2oz