Westwood Lakes Open Match on Sunday 19th November 2017 on Skylark lake

It was a bit of a chilly start to the day but the promise of warming up a bit made the frosty keepnets easier to pick up!  25 anglers took part in the match today on Skylark lake for the regular sunday open.

First place went to Adam Swain who was at peg 31 and grabbed 31lbs 12oz.  Second was Steve Lane on peg 27 with 28lbs.  Third was Brian Harding on peg 33 with 23lbs 12oz.

  1. Adam Swain – peg 31 – 31lbs 12 oz
  2. Steve Lane – peg 27 – 28lbs
  3. Brian Harding – peg 33 – 23lbs 12oz
  4. Jon Bates – peg 29 – 22lbs 8oz