Tuesday 21st November- Open Match Swallow Lake

Tuesday 21st November-  Swallow Lake (12 Anglers)

With the weather coming back up Swallow lake did bring some weights out today.Roy wells(Westwood Lakes) was man of the man today, by fishing the method feeder on peg 4 to weigh 105lb 0oz. Steve Lane (Westwood Lakes) fished pellets short on the pole on peg 9 to weigh 93lb 0oz. In Third was Brian Harding(Westwood Lakes) from peg 5 with 81lb 8oz.

  1. Roy wells(Westwood Lakes) peg 4- 105lb 0oz
  2. Steve Lane (Westwood Lakes) peg 9- 93lb 0oz
  3. Brian Harding(Westwood Lakes) peg 5 -81lb 8oz.