Thursday 26th July- Over 50’s Open Match

Thursday 26th July- Swallow and Falcon Lake (44 Anglers)

With the weather changing abit cooler we was going to expect some big weights.¬†Stevard Davis (Westwood Lakes) put in a great performance fishing shallow at 5m on pellets to catch mainly F1’s to weigh 210lb 12oz from Swallow Peg 6. John Gooden (Westwood Lakes) was in second from Swallow Peg 4 with 132lb 0oz. In third was George Knight (Burt Baits/Tri-cast) who put in¬† a result from Falcon Lake peg 16 to weigh 138lb 0oz.

1st Stevard Davis S-6 Westwood Lakes 210lb 12oz
2nd John Gooden S-4 Westwood Lakes 132lb 0oz
3rd George Knight F-16 Burts Biats/ Tri-Cast 138lb 0oz