Tuesday 25th July- 5K Qualifier

Tuesday 25th July- Falcon Lake ( 32 Anglers)

Even with this hot weather it just keeps getting better. Flinty (Drennan Bordon) showed every one the way by fishing shallow at 4m with pellets to catch over 200 f1’s for 225lb 12oz from peg 9. In second was Andy Phawby (Westood Lakes) using the same tactics on peg 29 to weigh 210lb 0oz . In Third was Paul Oglesbee (Marukyu/ Ian Everett Floats) From peg 3 with 184lb 4oz

  1. Flinty (Drennan Bordon) Peg 9- 225lb 12oz
  2. Andy Phawby (Westood Lakes) Peg 29- 210lb 0oz
  3. Paul Oglesbee (Marukyu/ Ian Everett Floats) Peg 3- 184lb 4oz