Thursday 11th August – Skylark Lake

Thursday 11th August – Skylark Lake ( 36 Anglers)

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With the temperatures being up and down all week, it was going to be a test for the anglers on skylark to see what they could produce. Ken Clark (Westwood Lakes) was at the top of the pack today. Weighing inn 126lb 12oz from peg 32, fishing short on expanders to catch carp and skimmers. Not far behind from the next peg was Brian Chatts (Westwood Lakes) using similar tactics from peg 31 weighing 124lb 10oz. Third was Roy wells (Westwood lakes) with 102lb 04oz from peg 15.

  1.  Ken Clark (Westwood Lakes)  126lb 12oz  peg 32
  2. Brian Chatts (Westwood Lakes)  124lb 10oz peg 31
  3. Roy wells (Westwood lakes) 102lb 04oz peg 15
  4. Rob Dawber (Westwood Lakes) 99lb 4oz peg 35