Thursday 10th August- Over 50’s Open Match Falcon Lake

Thursday 10th August-Falcon Lake (32 Anglers)

With a bit of rain going into the lake over night the temperature of the water did change, making the fishing abit harder. But Brian Thompson (Westwood Lakes)  combined shallow fishing short and paste down the edge to win the match with 144lb 12oz  from peg 6. In second was paste boy John Godden (Westwood Lakes Glamour boys) from peg 12 with 142lb 8oz. In third place was Brian Mckewan (Westwood Lakes)~ from peg 10 with 126lb 12oz.

  1. Brian Thompson (Westwood Lakes) peg 6- 144lb 12oz
  2. John Godden (Westwood Lakes Glamour boys) peg 12 -142lb 8oz
  3. Brian Mckewan (Westwood Lakes) peg 10 – 126lb 12oz.
  4. Roy Taylor (Westwood Lakes) peg 26 – 120lb 2oz