Sunday 13th August -Open Match Falcon Lake

Sunday 13th August- Falcon Lake ( 43 Anglers)

With the a good turn out for the falcon lake today it was going to put some pressure on the fish. But Luke morley (Burt Baits/Tri-cast) fished it different to any one else and fished tight to the island at 14.5m with soft pellets to catch maily stocky carp from peg 23 to take the lake win with 157lb 4oz. Not far behind was Steve Reid (Marukyu)  using the same tactics after a slow start to secure second place with 142lb 14oz from peg 44. In third is Westwood Lakes all star Steve Lane (Westwood Lakes) who fished paste down the near ledge on peg 38 to weigh 125lb 0oz.

  1. Luke morley (Burt Baits/Tri-cast) peg 23- 157lb 4oz
  2. Steve Reid (Marukyu) peg 44-142lb 14oz
  3. Steve Lane (Westwood Lakes peg 38- 125lb 0oz
  4. Ade Freeman (Burt Baits/ Tri-cast) peg 17- 107lb 8oz