Sunday 3rd June- 5K Qualifier

Sunday 3rd June- Falcon Lake (36 Anglers)

With a good turn out today , fishing the right method was going to be everything. Paul Oglsbee (Markuyu) was the man who made the right choice by fishing maggots shallow at 5m to cacth his winning weight of 135lb 5oz from peg 6. In Second was Carl-lee Hopps (Westwood Lakes) who fished pellets down the edge to weigh 126lb 13oz from peg 26. In third was Steve Reid (Markuyu) from peg 21 with 110lb 8oz.

  1. Paul Oglsbee (Markuyu) Peg 6- 135lb 6oz
  2. Carl-lee Hopps (Westwood Lakes) Peg 26- 126lb 13oz
  3. Steve Reid (Markuyu) Peg 21- 110lb 8oz
  4. Steve Pell (Westwood Lakes) Peg 1- 106lb 3oz