Tuesday 5K Open Match Qualifier

Tuesday 5th June 2018 Swallow Lake (29 anglers)

Swallow Lake was the lake used for today’s Open Match.  Sam Morgan (WWL) was on peg 27 and caught from the start, weighing in 127lbs 10oz at the whistle.  In second was Neil Hurst (WWL) Peg 19 with 113lbs 10oz.  Third placed angler was Gavin Manning (WWL) Peg 5 with 90lbs 5oz.

1st Sam Morgan (WWL) 127lbs 10oz Peg 27

2nd Neil Hurst (WWL) 113lbs 10oz Peg 19

3rd Gavin Manning (WWL) 90lbs 5oz Peg 5

4th Roy Wells (WWL) 86lbs 13oz Peg 7