Sunday 14th January 2018- Open Match Swallow Lake

Sunday 14th January 2018- Swallow Lake (15 anglers)

With a cold breeze coming across the lake it was going to make it hard for our anglers. But a certain area seemed to chuck up some weights. Russ Parsons (Westwood Lakes) was in that area by fishing pellets long on the pole to catch f1s up to 3lb. Russ was able to take the win from peg 21 with 49lb 4oz. In second was Richard Kinning (Westwood Lakes) who used the same tactics on peg 25 to weigh 43lb 8oz. Not to far behind was Bob Smith (Westwood Lakes) from peg 27 with 35lb 0oz.

  1.   Russ Parsons (Westwood Lakes) Peg 21- 49lb 4oz
  2. Richard Kinning (Westwood Lakes) Peg 25- 43lb 8oz
  3. Bob Smith (Westwood Lakes) Peg 27- 35lb 0oz
  4. Mark Afford (Westwood Lakes) Peg 3- 33lb 12oz