Skylark Open Match

Sunday 17th November 2013 (18 anglers)

Skylark Lake was the venue for this weeks Open Match.  Paul Brocklebank (Angling Bait Co.) Peg 27 caught on red maggot to win with 40lbs 0oz.  Daniel Abbott (WWLakes) Peg 33 was second with 36lbs 120z and Shane Wilcox (Daves Peg) Peg 9 third with 34lbs 8oz.

1st Paul Brocklebank (Angling Bait Co.) 40lbs 0oz Peg 27

2nd Daniel Abbott (WWLakes) 36lbs 12oz Peg 33

3rd Shane Wilcox (Daves Peg) 34lbs 8oz