New Lakes 2014 Update

The new lakes are all but completed.  Osprey Lake is finished and filling nicely with water and should be fishable buy late March 2014.  The lake needs to settle now and the Ph levels reach an acceptable level before we introduce the new fish.  This 26 peg lake will have predominately proper F1 Carp between 8oz and 1.5lbs, which will grow very fast.  The Falcoln Lake is dug and water is going in.  This lake will be 55 pegs and again will have a high stock level of proper F1 Carp, along with Commons and Mirrors in the 3 to 5lb range.  Falcon Lake is in a “U” shape, with pegs on a inner and outer bank with a high island down the centre of the lake.  This should provide better wind protection, and looks set to be the flagship match lake of the complex.  Because of the very wet weather we have experienced in the last few weeks, Swallow Lake is a little behind schedule with the machinery getting stuck in the mud.  This lake when ready, will be a bit deeper than the other lakes on the complex.  Fish stocks will be mainly Common and Mirrors that are over 8lb in weight, and double figure Carp to 30lb will be present in numbers.  The lake is scheduled to open late July 2014.  Some of the F1 Carp have arrived this week, and will be held in Skylark Lake until we can transfer them to the new lakes.  Picture above shows some of the initial stocks of F1 Carp just arrived.

In excess of 8 ton of F1 Carp will eventually be stocked across Osprey and Falcoln Lakes.