Hawk Open Match

Hawk Lake Sunday 10th November 2013

Early morning frost gave way to a cold but sunny day for the match on Hawk today.  Drawn on the favoured Peg 1 over the bridge, Paul Brocklebank (Nags Head) fished 14.5 meters across to catch mainly small Carp to win with 38lbs 4oz.  Adam Playford (Anglers Corner) Peg 15 was second with 33lbs 10oz, and Derek Hogg (MF Floats) Peg 14 was a close third 32lbs 8oz.

1st Paul Brocklebank (Nags Head) 38lbs 4oz Peg 1

2nd Adam Playford (Anglers Corner) 33lbs 10oz Peg 15

3rd Derek Hogg (MF Floats) 32lbs 8oz Peg 14

4th Steve Lane (Maruyku/WWLakes) 23lbs 0oz Peg 11