Over 50’s Open Match

Thursday 3rd April 2014 (40 anglers) Skylark Lake

Complete sell out for this weeks Over 50’s Open Match.  Tom Wilson (WWLakes) Peg 39 was nearly 14lbs clear of the field to win with 54lbs 0oz.  Tom fished across in the shallow water to catch Carp, F1’s and Barbel on red maggot.  In second was Fred Bisham (WWLakes) Peg 38 with 40lbs 12oz and in third was Brian Harding (Maver/Baitech) Peg 28 with 29lbs 8oz.  Booking in essential for all matches, Thursday Over 50s Open, Saturday Open and Sunday Open.

1st Tom Wilson (WWLakes) 54lbs 0oz Peg 39

2nd Fred Bisham (WWLakes) 40lbs 12oz Peg 38

3rd Brian Harding (Maver/Baitech) 29lbs 8oz Peg 28

4th Jeff Dougan (WWLakes) 25lbs 6oz Peg 36