Osprey Open Match

Saturday 5th April 2014 (23 anglers) Osprey Lake

The first Saturday Open Match and the start of the qualifiers for the two day final in August started today.  All the Open Matches Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday are qualifiers now.  Drawn on Peg 3 Paul Harsley (Daves Peg) secured his final place with a fine net of F1 Carp, weighing 94lbs 12oz.  Paul used his special expander pellet over 4mm feed pellet to catch from the start.  Close behind in second was Stevie Winters (Drennan/Baitech) Peg 14 with 89lbs 6oz.  In third was Alistair Oglivie (Maver/Baitech) Peg 19 with 74lbs 12oz.

1st Paul Harsley (Daves Peg) 94lbs 12oz Peg 3

2nd Stevie Winters (Drennan/Baitech) 89lbs 6oz Peg 14

3rd Alistair Oglivie (Maver/Baitech) 74lbs 12oz Peg 19

4th Simon Potter (WWLakes) 59lbs 4oz Peg 21

5th Janusz Kedzierski (WWLakes) 56lbs 4oz Peg 17