Open Match Tuesday 07/09/2021 – Falcon Lake

Open Match 07/08/2021 – Falcon

Topping the field on this weeks Tuesday open, from peg 18, was Jim Barrowman (Westwood Lakes). Jim has fished maggots short, both fishing on the bottom and also shallow. He’s caught F1s and odd carp steadily all day for a final weight of 130lb 8oz. Taking second spot was Steve Lane (Westwood Lakes). Steve has fished his favoured short paste tactics from peg 14 to land F1’s and small carp. By alternating a couple of lines, he has managed to pick fish off all day. Come the weigh in, he ended up with 123lb. Finally, completing the frame from peg 24 was Craig Cash(Westwood Lakes) with a total weight of 110lb!


1. Jim Barrowman (Westwood Lakes) – 130lb 8oz – peg 18

2. Steve Lane (Westwood Lakes) – 123lb – peg 14

3. Craig Cash (Westwood Lakes) – 110lb – peg 24