Open Match Sunday 11/04/2021 – Skylark Lake

Open Match 11/04/2021 – Skylark

The anglers were once again met with a hard frost, and with conditions expected to make a turn for the worse the anglers were feeling that it was going to be hard. Josh Newman (Sensas) has taken full advantage of the spare peg to his right to catch steady all day before having a run of fish down the edge to weigh 98lb and the win. In second from peg 28 was Brendan Strowgler, he’s alternated a couple of lines to keep odd fish coming throughout the day and he’s weighed 80lb 8oz. Finally in third was Ryan lidgard on peg 16. He’s fished across most of the day to weigh 73lb.


1. Josh Newman (Sensas) – 98lb – peg 23

2. Brendan Strowgler – 80lb 8oz – peg 28

3. Ryan Lidgard – 73lb – peg 16


Section 1 – Fin Moore – 57lb

Section 2 (def) – Robert Walton – 62lb 8oz

Section 3 (def) – Steve Reid – 69lb

Section 4 – Shaun Camburn – 58lb