Over 50s Match Thursday 08/04/2021 – Skylark Lake

Over 50s Match 08/04/2021 – Skylark

The bitterly cold wind and cool air temperature made the fishing really hard today. However, there were still odd bites to be had around the lake. Winning the match from peg 34 was Steve Clarke. He’s fished short all day to land 18 carp for a weight of 55lb. In second from peg 20 was Paul Hunt, he’s caught a majority of his weight fishing towards the far bank margins. He’s weighed 46lb narrowly beating John Southgate (peg 31) into third with 45lb 6oz.


Section 1

1st – Roy Taylor – 41lb 2oz

2nd – George Knight – 29lb 12oz

Section 2

1st – Paul Hunt – 46lb

2nd – Richard Kinnersley – 45lb 4oz

Section 3

1st – Steve Clark – 55lb

2nd – John Southgate – 45lb 6oz