Open Match Sunday 09/05/2021 – Skylark Lake

Open Match 09/05/2021 – Skylark

With the weather improving little by little each day, there were a few more bites to be had on Sunday’s Open Match. Taking the win from peg 16 was Adam Swain (Matrix/Dynamite). He’s caught in spells down his margins all day, alternating between both sides to weigh a fantastic 132lb 14oz of large carp.  Steve Reid (Drennan RAF) took second spot with a weight of 115lb 12oz. Steve’s alternated a couple of lines to keep bites coming throughout the day. Finally, Marc Rodgers (Mosella UK) has weighed 81lb 2oz to take the final spot in the frame.


1. Adam Swain (Matrix/Dynamite) – 132lb 14oz – peg 16

2. Steve Reid (Drennan RAF) – 115lb 12oz – peg 38

3.Marc Rodgers (Mosella UK) – 81lb 2oz – peg 34


Section 1 – James Andrew – 76lb 8oz

Section 2 (def) – Martin Kirk – 80lb 12oz

Section 3 (def) – Toby Pepper – 76lb