Open Match Tuesday 11/05/2021 – Swallow Lake

Open Match 11/05/2021 – Swallow

Once again the warmer weather encouraged a few more fish to feed for the 15 anglers on the Tuesday Open Match. Taking the win from peg 8 was Mark Bradford (Westwood Lakes). He’s caught steadily all day down the edge to weigh 108lb 8oz. In second from peg 16 was Matt Wiles (Westwood Lakes) he’s weighed 99lb 4oz of F1’s by alternating a couple of lines to keep the fish coming throughout the day. Finally completing the frame from peg 24 was Ty (Westwood Lakes). He’s caught some fish down the middle early before finishing off down his edge for a run of fish to weigh 92lb 4oz.


1. Mark Bradford (Westwood Lakes) – 108lb 8oz – peg 8

2. Matt Wiles (Westwood Lakes) – 99lb 4oz – peg 16


Section 1 (def) – Mick Kent – 90lb 4oz

Section 2 – Mick Balls – 72lb 10oz

Section 3 (def) – Ty – 92lb 4oz