Hawk Open Match 12th April 2016

Tuesday 12th April, 2016 Open Match on Hawk Lake with 14 anglers

A bit of a grey and wet day today but that didn’t deter 14 brave anglers taking part on the open match located at Hawk Lake.  Maggot and pellet mainly being used, first place went to Ade Freeman (Got Baits) on peg 20 with 80lbs 0oz.  2nd was Cemeron (Mathey / Johnson) on peg 16 with 49lbs 2oz.  3rd was Simon Parker (Daiwa Angling) on peg 4 catching 47lbs 4oz.  4th was Brian Harding (Baittech) sitting at peg 9 and caught 37lb 4oz.  5th was Steve Lake (Marukyu / WWL) on peg 8 and hauling in 33lbs 14oz.

  1. Ade Freeman (Got Baits) – peg 20 – 80lbs
  2. Cameron (Mathey / Johnson) – peg 16 – 49lbs 2oz
  3. Simon Parker (Daiwa Angling) – peg 4 – 47lbs 4oz
  4. Brian Harding (Baittech) – peg 9 – 37lbs 4oz
  5. Steve Lane (Markyu / WWL) – peg 8 – 33lb