Westwood Lakes Open Match on Skylark – 10th April 2016

The Open Match was held on Skylark and saw 32 anglers competing.

The day started off chilly but soon improved with a touch of good old Lincolnshire wind but it was nice to see the sun.  The morning saw 32 anglers taking part in the Open Match on Skylark lake and first was Martin Kirk (WWL) from peg 1 with 64lbs 4oz.  2nd was Barry Young (WWL) on peg 9 with 60lbs 2oz.  P Harslo (Dave’s Peg) was third from peg 3 and had 52lb 12 oz.  Fourth was Lee Cowlan (Miracle Baits) was on peg 25 with 51lbs and placed at 5th was Stu Gollop (Miracle Baits) on peg 34 with 46lbs 10oz.

  1. Martin Kirk (WWL) – peg 1 – 64lbs 4oz
  2. Barry Young (WWL) – peg 9 – 60lbs 2oz
  3. P Harslo (Dave’s Peg) – peg 3 – 52lbs 12oz
  4. Lee Cowlan (Miracle Baits) – peg 25 – 51lbs
  5. Stu Gollop (Miracle Baits) – peg 34 – 46lbs 10oz