Falcon Open Match

Saturday 26th April 2014 (30 anglers) Falcon Lake

Falcon Lake opened today for the first match on it.  No surprises that 100lb plus was going to be needed to even make the frame.  Steve Winters (Drennan/Baitech) Peg 6 was well prepared for these small F1 Carp, putting 129lbs 2oz on the scales to take the win.  Catching most of his fish at just 5 metres, Steve altenated between pellet and maggot to keep the fish coming.  Close behind in second was Tim Bates (Sensas Mark One) Peg 11 with 121lbs 8oz.  Youngster Tom Edwards (Sensas A4) was third with 109lbs 0oz off the next Peg 12.

1st Steve Winters (Drennan/Baitech) 129lbs 2oz Peg 6

2nd Tim Bates (Sensas Mark One) 121lbs 8oz Peg 11

3rd Tom Edwards (Sensas A4) 109lbs 0oz Peg 12

4th Mark Griggs (Middy) 96lbs 14oz Peg 9

5th Alistair Ogilvie (Maver/Baitech) 96lbs 4oz Peg 23