Falcon Open Match

Sunday 27th April 2014 (25 anglers) Falcon Lake

After Saturdays match the fish had already started to wise up to the anglers.  Not enough though to stop Paul Harsley (Daves Peg) putting 104lbs 7oz on the scales to win from Peg 39. Paul fished expander pellet to catch all F1 Carp.  In second was Tom Edwards (Sensas A4) Peg 47 with 92lbs 11oz and third was Mark Griggs (Middy) Peg 49 with 90lbs 5oz.

1st Paul Harsley (Daves Peg) 104lbs 7oz Peg 39

2nd Tom Edwards (Sensas A4) 92lbs 11oz Peg 47

3rd  Mark Griggs (Middy) 90lbs 5oz Peg 49

4th Steve Winters (Drennan/Baitech) 87lbs 15oz Peg 42

5th Daniel Abbott (WWLakes) 84lbs 0oz Peg 34