Falcon Lake Open Match

Sunday 17th August 2014 (24 anglers) Falcon Lake

Yet again the paste master Martin Kirk (Westwood Lakes) led the field from Peg 7, weighing 147lbs 6oz of F1 Carp on his homemade paste at 6 metres.  In second was Steve Lane (Maruyku/WWLakes) Peg 47 with 143lbs 4oz again on paste.  Third placed angler was Baz Bright (RAF Garbolino) Peg 35 with 137lbs 14oz.

1st Martin Kirk (Westwood Lakes) 147lbs 6oz Peg 7

2nd Steve Lane (Maruyku/WWLakes) 143lbs 4oz Peg 47

3rd Baz Bright (RAF Garbolino) 137lbs 14oz Peg 35

4th Jimmy Brooks (Middy) 115lbs 11oz Peg 23

5th Tony Evans (Dynamite Baits) 115lbs 0oz Peg 21