Westwood Teams of Three

Sunday 15th June 2014 (42 anglers) Skylark and Hawk Lake

The final match of the Westwood Teams of Three League see Stampys Three win the overall league with 56 points from the four match series to be crowned 2014 Champions.  Teams on the day were in first place Team Baitech 13 points followed in second by Sad Squad with 14 points.  On the individual front Jimmy Brooks (Team Baitech) fished shallow on red maggot from Peg 20 to win with 152lbs 3oz on Hawk Lake.  In second was Matt Pillay (Bag Em Baits) Peg 27 Skylark Lake, with 137lbs 2oz.  Third placed angler was Greg Cooper (Trentmen) Peg 30 Skylark Lake, with 136lbs 10oz.

Teams on the Day

1st Team Baitech 13 points

2nd Sad Squad 14 points

3rd Bag Em Baits 15 points

Final Overall League

1st Stampys Three 56 points

2nd Team Baitech 64 points

3rd Maver Baitech 66 points

Individual Result

1st Jimmy Brooks (Team Baitech) 152lbs 3oz Hawk Lake

2nd Matt Pillay (Bag Em Baits) 137lbs 2oz Skylark Lake

3rd Greg Cooper (Trentmen) 136lbs 10oz Skylark Lake