Over 50’s Open Match

Thursday 12th June 2014 (40 anglers) Skylark Lake

Good weights again todays Over 50’s Open Match.  Spike Milligan (Lincs County) fished across tight to the island to win with 90lbs 10oz from Peg 9 on expander pellet.  In second was Janusz Kedzierski (Westwood Lakes) Peg 11 with 82lbs 12oz.  Third placed angler was Brian Thompson (Westwood Lakes) Peg 29 with 79lbs 4oz.

1st Spike Milligan (Lincs County) 90lbs 10oz Peg 9

2nd Janusz Kedzierski (Westwood Lakes) 82lbs 12oz Peg 11

3rd Brian Thompson (Westwood Lakes) 79lbs 4oz Peg 29

4th Steve Clark (Maver Image) 78lbs 4oz