Tuesday 31st July- 5K Qualifier

Tuesday 31st July- Skylark (31 Anglers)

Well a nice few set of people for today open match and super Jim Barrowmen (Westwood Lakes) showed them the way by fishing pellets down the edge on peg 31, Jim has caught carp tom 10lb to win the match with 175lb 6oz. In second was Mark Cooper (Westwood Lakes) from peg 2 with 164lb 6oz. In third was Steve lane (Westwood Lakes) from peg 38 with 157lb 0oz.

  1. Jim Barrowmen (Westwood Lakes) – Peg 31- 175lb 6oz
  2. Mark Cooper (Westwood Lakes)- Peg 2- 164lb 6oz
  3. Steve lane (Westwood Lakes)- Peg 38- 157lb 0oz