Tuesday 21st August- 5K Qualifier

Tuesday 21st August- Skylark Lake (39 Anglers)

Flat calm water has killed the lake today but Simon Parker (Marukyu/ Daiwa Angling Direct) was able to catch a few from peg 28 by fishing pellets down the edge to weigh 140lb 8oz. In Second place was Cliff Adams (Westwood Lakes) who has used simular tactics on peg 19 to weigh 139lb 4oz. In third place was Mel Hodgson (Westwood Lakes) from peg 8 with 127lb 4oz.

  1. Simon Parker (Marukyu/ Daiwa Angling Direct)- Peg 28- 140lb 8oz
  2. Cliff Adams (Westwood Lakes)- Peg 19- 139lb 4oz
  3. Mel Hodgson (Westwood Lakes)- Peg 8- 127lb 4oz