Thursday 23rd August- Over 50’s Open Match

Thursday 23rd August- Skylark and Swallow Lake (60 Anglers)

With another brilliant turn out from our over 50’s today , there was going to be some brilliant weights.  Chris Mason (Westwood Lakes) took top spot overall from Skylark peg 15 by fishing hard 6mm pellets down the edge to catch carp to 10lb. Chris weighed in a lovely catch of 192lb 0oz. In Second was Dean Richardson (Westwood Lakes) from swallow lake peg 9 fishing caster shallow at 8m to weigh 176lb 4oz. In third was John Heath (Westwood Lakes) from peg 14 Skylark with 142lb 4oz.

  1. Chris Mason (Westwood Lakes)- Peg 15 Skylark- 192lb 0oz
  2. Dean Richardson (Westwood Lakes)- Peg 9 Swallow- 176lb 4oz
  3. John Heath (Westwood Lakes)- Peg 14 Skyalrk- 142lb 4oz