Thursday 6th October Over 50’s Open Match

Thursday 6th October-Skylark Lake (34 Anglers)

With the cold weather upon us , the fishing is only going to get tougher. But John Moore ( Curborough Fishery) showed everyone the way today fishing at 4m with maggots to catch a mix bag of fish from peg 4 to win the match with 108lb 12oz. Just out of the top spot was Ade Freeman (GOT Baits) using the same tactics from peg 25 to weigh in 107lb 0oz. Just nipping into third was Mick Dukes (Westwood Lakes) from peg 40 with 80lb 4oz.

  1. John Moore ( Curborough Fishery)  peg 4  108lb 12oz
  2. Ade Freeman (GOT Baits) peg 25 107lb 0oz
  3. Mick Dukes (Westwood Lakes) peg 40 80lb 4oz
  4. Brian Thompson (Westwood Lakes) peg 39 79lb 0oz