Thursday 3rd May- Over 50’s Open Match

Thursday 5th May- Falcon Lake (38 Anglers)

Well the Weather is on the up, so weights are improving. Super John Taylor (Sensas Mark One) showed everyone the way today by fishing tight across with soft pellets and coming down the edge in the last couple of hours on peg 2, to take the match win with 98lb 4oz. In  Second place was Brian Thompson (Westwood Lakes) who has caught down the edge on paste from peg 40 to weigh 97lb 10oz. In third was Dave Robinson (Westwood Lakes) with 89lb 0oz from peg 17.

  1. John Taylor (Sensas Mark One)- Peg 2 – 98lb 4oz
  2. Brian Thompson (Westwood Lakes)- Peg 40 – 97lb 10oz
  3. Dave Robinson (Westwood Lakes)- Peg 17 – 89lb 0oz
  4. Kev Wilson (Westwood Lakes)- Peg 27 – 76lb 4oz
  5. Jeff Duggan (Westwood Lakes)- Peg 42- 73lb 2oz
  6. Ray Redwood (Westwood Lakes)- Peg 11 – 70lb 2oz