Thursday 26th October 2017- Over 50’s Open Match Skylark Lake

Thursday 26th October- Skylark Lake (36 Anglers)

With nearly a full lake and temperatures dropping it was going to be hard work. Gary Hazzlewood (Westwood Lakes) was the one to catch a few today. By fishing Maggots long on the pole from peg 24 to take the win with 85lb 0oz. In second was John Lowe (Westwood Lakes) who used same tactics but down the edge to weigh 46lb 8oz. In third was Roy Wells (Westwood Lakes) From peg 22 with 45lb 8oz.

  1.  Gary Hazzlewood (Westwood Lakes) peg 24 Р85lb 0oz
  2. John Lowe (Westwood Lakes) peg 37 – 46lb 8oz
  3. Roy Wells (Westwood Lakes) peg 22- 45lb 8oz