Sunday 5th November 2017 – Round One Winter League

Sunday 5th November- Falcon Lake (30 Anglers)

With sharp frost in the morning the first round was going to test the anglers with it only getting colder.  Ade Gathercole (Westwood Lakes) was the man of the match catching short on pellets on peg 27 to weigh 58lb 10oz. Not far behind was Luke Morley (Burt Baits/ Tri-cast) from peg 29 with 56lb 4oz. Third was Mick Stamp (Preston/ Sonu Baits) from peg 42 with 56lb 0oz.

  1. Ade Gathercole (Westwood Lakes) peg 27- 58lb 10oz
  2. Luke Morley (Burt Baits/ Tri-cast) peg 29 -56lb 4oz
  3. Mick Stamp (Preston/ Sonu Baits)  peg 42 -56lb 0oz
  4. George Knight (Burt Baits/ Tri-cast) peg 46- 52lb 8oz
  5. Adam Swain (Dynamite Baits) peg 48- 52lb 2oz