Thursday 20th April Over 50’s Open Match

Thursday 20th April – Skylark Lake ( 36 Anglers)

With nearly a full lake on today there was alot of pressure on the fishing. But Brian Thompson (Westwood Lakes) was the man to show everyone today , Brian fished pellets short and down the edge to catch a mixed bag of fish, from peg 1 to win the match with 78lb 12oz. Just falling short was second place Paul Oglesbee (Westwood Lakes) who used similar tactics on peg 8 to weigh 78lb 4oz. Rick Tweedle (Bait-Tech/ Westwood Lakes) came third with 75lb 8oz off peg 20.

  1. Brian Thompson (Westwood Lakes) peg 1- 78lb 12oz
  2. Paul Oglesbee (Westwood Lakes) peg 8- 78lb 4oz
  3. Rick Tweedle (Bait-Tech/ Westwood Lakes) peg 20 – 75lb 8oz
  4. Jeff Duggan (Westwood Lakes) peg 4- 69lb 6oz

Just to inform all of the people who are booked on for next weeks Over 50’s match it has been moved from Falcon to Skylark, there are limited spaces left so please get booked on!

Also this match is being held as the Jim Smith Memorial match and all peg fee will be going to charity, so it would be nice to have a full sell out to remember one of our most regular angler.

Please call- 01205 724162 option 2 for Bait and Tackle shop