Thursday 13th June 2017 Open Match

Thursday 13th June – Swallow Lake (18 Anglers)

With the weather get warm now the fishing was going to be good. Kevin Clark (Westwood Lakes) drew peg 5 and fished a method feeder to the island and the pole short to win the match with 90lb 0oz. Close battle next door was Roy Taylor (Westwood Lakes) who fished pellets short on peg 4 to come second with 84lb 0oz. Ken Clark(Westwood Lakes) was third from peg 14 with 75lb 8oz.

  1. Kevin Clark (Westwood Lakes) peg 5-90lb 0oz
  2. Roy Taylor(Westwood Lakes) peg 4 – 84lb 0oz
  3. Ken Clark (Westwood Lakes) peg 14- 75lb 8oz
  4. Alistar olgisbee (Sensas) peg 22- 72lb 40oz