Sunday 29th April- 5K Qualifier

Sunday 29th April- Skylark and Hawk (44 Anglers)

Wind and cold weather was the biggest problem for our anglers today. But Luke Morley (Trabbuco) was able to still catch a few. Luke was on peg 9 Hawk and caught rotating lines across feeding pellets and groundbait with a soft 4mm Expander on the hook to take the match win with 138lb 10oz. Carl- lee Hopps (Westwood Lakes) used simular tactics on peg 20 Hawk to weigh 97lb 8oz. In third was Tony Evans (Westwood Lakes) from Peg 29 Skylark with 82lb 4oz.

  1. Luke Morley (Trabbuco) Hawk -Peg 9- 138lb 10oz
  2. Carl- lee Hopps (Westwood Lakes) Hawk- Peg 20-97lb 8oz
  3. Tony Evans (Westwood Lakes) Skylark-Peg 29- 82lb 4oz
  4. Steve Reid (Markuyu) Skylark-Peg 26- 82lb 4oz