Sunday 1st July 2018 5K Qualifier Open Match

Sunday 1st July 2018 (41 anglers) Falcon Lake

Soaring temperatures tempted plenty of angler’s out on the bank for today’s Open Match 5K Qualifier on Falcon Lake.  Carl Lee Hopps (WWL) was on Peg 21 and put 126lbs 1oz onto the scales to win with plenty to in hand.  Carl caught mainly F1 Carp down the margins on pellet.  In second was Rick Tweddle (WWL) Peg 42 with 107lbs 4oz.  Third placed angler was Steve Boyd (WWL) Peg 2 with 99lbs 11oz.

1st Carl Lee Hopps (WWL) 126lbs 1oz Peg 21

2nd Rick Tweddle (WWL) 107lbs 4oz Peg 42

3rd Steve Boyd (WWL) 99lbs 11oz Peg 2

4th Mick Wolverine (WWL) 98lbs 7oz Peg 41